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Prep & stage package

No upfront payment-no cash out of pocket

At Simply Staged Design LLC our goal is to make selling your home easier for you. We believe in offering the best services possible and that is why we have created our Prep & Stage Package. 

The Prep & Stage Package gives you the ability to prepare your home to sell and the services require no upfront payment – no cash out of pocket. Instead, payment is made after the home sells, out of escrow, subject to certain terms and conditions. 


At Simply Staged Design our goal is to help execute the most lucrative sale possible for you, and to do so in an expeditious manner.

Professional home staging is not simply about installing furniture. It is the selection of tasteful

furnishings, catered to your home and the prospective buyers’ emotions, in a way that maximizes the

apparent size of each room while conveying an aspirational look and feel. It suggests a lifestyle that

buyers can aspire to, enabling them to emote to what they see and encouraging them to buy in

immediately. This emotional response gives your agent leverage, and it helps sell your home for a

higher price, faster.


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